3. Troll A, Statoil

Source: Troll A platform, the project and design from the mid nineties is well known for one of the best in the North Sea ever.  Photo: Øyvind Hagen, Statoil

Troll A TPC34 (2014-2015): 2×50 MW compression project. Process commissioning responsible, leading engineer. Offshore commissioning.

From December 2014- Nov. 2015: Troll A plattform Troll Project Compressor train 3 and 4 (“TPC34”):  Commissioning discipline responsible, process/rotating machinery. Dresser Rand turbo compressor, 2xABB 50 MW Motorformers. Rebundling of existing turbo compressors as well as control system upgrades, including implementation of anti surge system into the ABB xA800 SAS-system, Brüel & Kjær vibration system and vibration analysis, load sharing controllers.  Process: Scrubbers, compact coolers, valves, auxiliary equipment. Task force, huge process instabilities. Project delivery on schedule and 1 bill NOK below budget.

Troll A is an important hub for the North Sea gas transmission to the continent. It takes only a few days to generate an total income equivalent to 1 bill NOK from the gas trains (winter price of the gas).