4. Kvitebjørn

Source: TU, Kvitebjørn. Dresser-Rand “compressor turbine” package, GE LM2500 Dry Low Emission gas turbine

Kvitebjørn precompression project (2013-2014). Commissioning responsible mechanical and process diciplines. Leading engineer.

New process module on the Kvitebjørn platform increasing liquid and gas production. Main equipment: LM2500 DLE with Datum compressor with dry gas seals, Dresser-Rand equipment. Process: compact flanges, compact coolers, valves, PSV’s, heaters, scrubbers, lifting equipment, pumps. Condition monitoring system, diagnostic systems as well as Honywell SCADA and CCC –anti surge control systems. Surge- and performance testing. Vibration diagnostics. (Throuble shooting on turbine oil issue and implementing the plan into action. Wind milling issue solved time efficient together in team and with vendor).