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II. Havøygavlen Wind Park

Source: Finnmark Kraft, CEO Egon Leonhardsen Project manager (2007-2012) and specialist (until 2014). “Roadmap to fix Havøygavlen” Testing a new Siemens Wind Power 3 MW direct drive turbine – for offshore growth   Main topics: “Roadmap to fix Havøygavlen wind park” – in team; rising the poor availability, performance and break downs to an acceptable […]

III. Sheringham Shoal, Statoil

Source: Scira, Sheringham Shoal. Sheringham Shoal. 88 Siemens Wind Power 3.6 MW outside Norfolk in England. Participated within the project at an early stage, until Hywind as the first mover in Statoil was taking most attention. The financial crisis was at that time a huge risk for investment decision. On technical side, the gear box […]

IV. Havøygavlen Wind Farm

Source: Jone Torsvik, Statoil. From top of the direct drive test turbine on Havøygaavlen in Finnmark in Nortg Norway- an excellent full scale test laboratory  Havøygavlen; In arctic climate at the shoreline of the Barents Sea and the North Pole next. “If we can make it here, we’ll make it anywhere” was the slogan, taken […]

V. Hywind – the world first full scale floating wind turbine

Source: Statoil First operation and maintenance manager, full scale floating wind turbine Hywind (2.3 MW) outside Karmøy. This was a technology Project However a lot of challenges, to mention a few: First mover in Statoil, culture challenges from O&G to lean renewables Access to the turbine; especially during commissioning. One need low wind and waves […]