1. Goliat, ENI (35% share Statoil)

Source: energiogklima.no

Johan Sverdrup and Goliat FPSO (nov. 2015- June 2016): Process /Rotating machinery – project execution– Johan Sverdrup a few weeks, then requested in short notice to assist ENI operated FPSO Goliat during start up (one of 3 engineers). Finalized in Statoil summer 2016. This was a very challenging project since the beginning; years delayed, billions in cost overrun and fatal HSE issues at the yard – long before I was coming into the project. However, it learned me a lot that I can bring into new projects to come – to deliver projects on time, cost and quality in a safe manner.

After Troll A TPC34 project, I had a position within Johan Sverdrup project (completion). The plan was following this huge project the next 5 year to come. In the mean time I was among 3 other Statoil engineers requested in short notice to mobilize to assist ENI operated FPSO Goliat next to the Barents Sea, enabling first oil in a safe manner (Statoil 35% share of the licence). After that periode, I was promised to come back to the Johan Sverdrup project.

From the past, Goliat project had many challenges – including years delays, cost overrun as well as HSE issues. The root causes of the situation was complex, and very difficult to establish one common and realistic plan (cultural challenges, ignition source control, some vital technical systems).

My role for Statoil was related to technical assistance w.r.t. the challenges on the rotating equipment, and later on the process systems.

Knowing that the safety system was working and the life boats in service, I was the last Statoil-engineer mobilized onboard during first oil 10.4.2016 and the time after, next to the Barent Sea.

Coming into this project at this stage learned me a lot. Fundamental factors that have to be in place for a succsessful project, that I can bring in the next projects to come. Delivered on time, cost and plan, in a safe manner.

In the mean time I accepted the Severance package from Statoil, following a “dream” starting up my own consultancy company. I left Goliat well knowing that this was a start up, and doing the right things it might be a well operating platform. The “new” and simple Sevan Marine platform design had impressing hydrodynamic performance; quite similar to the Hywind concept. At the same time I left all my good collegue and a very good Statoil company in a challenging time.