II. Havøygavlen Wind Park

Source: Finnmark Kraft, CEO Egon Leonhardsen

Project manager (2007-2012) and specialist (until 2014).

  • “Roadmap to fix Havøygavlen”
  • Testing a new Siemens Wind Power 3 MW direct drive turbine – for offshore growth


Main topics:

  • “Roadmap to fix Havøygavlen wind park” – in team; rising the poor availability, performance and break downs to an acceptable level (availability from around 77 to 92%). Excellent learning park for offshore growth. One of the harshest sites in the world (turbulence and gust).
    • Gear box break downs
    • Blade break downs (investigations)
    • Condition monitoring, analysis and diagnostics etc.

Havøygavlen in Finnmark, 15 Nordex N80 turbines and 1 SWT 3.0 direct drive wind turbine.  The park is today owned by Finnmark Kraft.

  • Testing the new 3 MW Siemens Wind Power Direct Drive wind turbine; from idea to final Technology Qualification Program (TQP).
    • Project work; engineering, contract negotiations, start up, Technology Qualification program including major break downs and improvements.
    • Close following up the TQP program with reliability/availability (RAM) analysis, performance, load and load reactions, condition monitoring, improvements etc.
  • As the turbine specialist, the main  task was the role as technical “process owner” of wind turbine technologies in Statoil. The main work was market research and benchmarking the growing offshore wind turbine market (with new attractive technologies) and nominate the the candiates for the new commercial projects within Statoil portfolio.